When you purchase a radio from BRS not only do you get a great semi truck radio you get a FREE professionally wired truck radio harness to connect it to your truck as well as a set of radio removal keys to remove that old radio.  We will also hold you hand by being there by phone with a TEXTME connection for any questions you might have during or after the install.  How great is that !
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  Satellite radio is still alive and well in the trucking world.  It is the best way to listen to your genre of music while trucking across the US. 
If you were introduced to this service thru your factory installed radio you know that it is very useful and a very entertaining source.
  You know, giving up your factory installed OEM radio is easy with our Plug & Play radios.  A repeated question we get when asked about replacements is, Do you have a radio with built-in XM.  We have to explain that this built-in option only occurs with factory radios.  No aftermarket brand places the satellite tuner inside the chassis of the radio.  There are 2 reasons for this.  First, a built-in tuner limits the upgrading protentional.  Unless the upgrade is firmware related it would be hard to remove a internal component once it was build-in.  Aftermarket makes it easy with a plug on the rear of the radio.  Plug to add a turner to your Sat Ready unit or switch it out with a new turner if the old one fails.  This makes replacement and upgrade very simple.  This beats the factory option, if your Sat tuner fails you will have to buy another OEM radio.
You recognize that the built-in is the way to go.  Maybe you are stepping up from a simple dash mounted Sat tuner.  This was the cheapest way to get into a Sat radio, but it had its disadvantages with mounting and having to tune a station in.  So built-in is the way to go.  Plug a SXV300V1 into the supplied port on the back of a aftermarket Sat Ready radio.  When you turn on your radio you can tune to the Satellite stations just like with the OEM radio with the built-in tuner.  The station will display on the radios screen just like it did on the OEM radio.  Program you favorite Sat stations just like the OEM.  The only difference might be that you will notice the aftermarket version does not run hot.  When you eject a CD it is not hot to touch.  The aftermarket version has be designed to address this factory flaw that seems to shorten the life of your factory radios. The extra heat puts stress on the internal components in the radio..  Aftermarket manufactures regonized this and have designed all their Sat Ready radios with a dedicated Satellite radio plug on the rear of the radio.  It functions the same as built-in without the extra heat.
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