When you purchase a radio from BRS not only do you get a great semi truck radio you get a FREE professionally wired truck radio harness to connect it to your truck as well as a set of radio removal keys to remove that old radio.  We will also hold you hand by being there by phone with a TEXTME connection for any questions you might have during or after the install.  How great is that !
On BIG RIG STEREO we only sell selected brands and models that represent a purpose that is conducive to the trucking industry. There are 3 versions and 6 named brands sold on site.  Jensen, CSS, REI brands represent a line of Heavy Duty manufactured stereos.  Pioneer, Kenwood and JVC are represent with conventional versions and a Digital Media version of radios. 

A Heavy Duty Semi Truck radio design begins inside the radio.  When a Heavy duty radio is on the drawing board the chassis receives special attention by eliminating as many solder points as possible. Solder points are subject to failure because of  vibration. A quality heavy duty radio will have 50% or more less solder points as a standard car stereo.  Not only are Heavy Duty Radios more vibration resistant, the cassette decks have fewer gears in the tape mechanism.  Special attention is given to the CD versions as well.  They feature floating "anti-shock suspensions.  A necessary feature when it comes to skipping CDs.  Most of the 18 wheeler radios feature brighter, super LEDs for  lighting.  Displays easier to read and a less chance the display will burn out from vibration and extended use.  Additional features include friction proof lettering that will survive years of cleaning without rubbing off. Heavy Duty Radios are also used in the construction trade as well.  Check out our sister site.

Noticeable cosmetic features like larger buttons, making it easier to find and feel the controls so the driver can keep his eye on the road.  Most will feature weatherband plus built in alarm clocks.  Built for years of heavy service without failure. 18 wheeler radios are the way to go if you operate a semi truck, or construction style equipment.  Built for extreme conditions from the ground up will give you years of service over a standard consumer car radio.

Conventional versions are very popular.  This is the line of stereos you are use to seeing and using in your passenger cars and pickup trucks.  We have chosen only quality brands like Pioneer, Kenwood and JVC.  We have sold these brands for years and they are made very well.  They will give you a excellent sound and should give you several years of use.  Good value for the money and would not expect it to last as long as Heavy Duty versions.  NO Weather Band.

Digital Media line is new to some of you.  More popular to the younger trucker that wants various ways to replay music content.  USB, SD, STREAMING, AUX inputs are common for this version.  No CD here.  We use this version because it is designed with less components (parts) inside to vibrate, get hot or damage with the environment surrounding a truckers job.  Super value here if you do not want a CD.  Very light weight radio and some are a lot shorter in dept.  This can be a advantage if you are cramp for space behind your radio.  Radio still fits same opening.  At published time they are shown on the radio carousel as radios 2, 3, 4, and 24.  The sound is great and the quality and the life use is above the conventional versions.