When you purchase a radio from BRS not only do you get a great semi truck radio you get a FREE professionally wired truck radio harness to connect it to your truck as well as a set of radio removal keys to remove that old radio.  We will also hold you hand by being there by phone with a TEXTME connection for any questions you might have during or after the install.  How great is that !
The phrase PLUG &PLAY means exactly that.  No wiring on you part.  BRS offers this service to its customers.  For what ever reason you cannot wire your own harness you can send it to us and we will do it professionally for you. 

Here is the way it works.  Send us your new radios pigtail and we will wire the correct truck radio harness to it and send it back to you.  Easy right. Turn around time is usually subject to shipping which we use USPS PRIORITY MAIL which is usually 2-3 days across the US. 

If this service sounds like something you would like to take advantage of, follow these instructions:

On a piece of paper write down the year and model of your truck,  If it was manufactured in the years of 2002-2005, you might want to pull the radio first to be able to tell us the one you need.
Write a check made out to; "
Professional Installation" for the amount of $49.00 and include it along with your new radios harness plug.
Be sure to include your printed return address along with your cell phone number
If you want a tracking number include your email address.

Once we get your harness we will wire the two together and ship it to you.

Easy right, here is a example of a completed harness to give you what you are paying for. 

Well assembled harness will not vibrate apart and cause problems.

Select for a PRINT SHEET to include with your check