Replacing your semi truck speaker with the proper size is very important to maintain correct sound quality.  Just as important is the ease of installation.  The speakers supplied OEM in most of the cabs are basic dual cone shallow mounts, just adequate to reproduce the sound potential from your OEM stereo.  Once you change the factory radio with another brand the games has changed.  Now you need to replace the speakers to justify the upgrade sound that it can achieve.  The chart below should be used as a quick reference for replacement.  To insure the exact replacement size, we suggest to remove one of the speakers and measure the size.  This makes it faster and easier when you actually install the new speakers. We use and have found the Pioneer line of Professional speakers meet the factory specs in size and will greatly improve the overall sound from your new trucker radio.  We have sold this brand for several years and found the quality to be impressive.  The PIONEER speakers will give you years of use and a price range that saves you money even over the OEM factory replacements. All our speakers include short jumper wires and some include covers.
  If your specific truck is not listed on this chart , contract your local commercial truck brand dealer for a speaker replacement size or remove the speakers and measure.
Semi Truck Replacement Speaker Guide
When you purchase a radio from BRS not only do you get a great semi truck radio you get a FREE professionally wired truck radio harness to connect it to your truck as well as a set of radio removal keys to remove that old radio.  We will also hold you hand by being there by phone with a TEXTME connection for any questions you might have during or after the install.  How great is that !