Want to save money on some of these accessories.  Add your accessory when you purchase the radio and save as much as $25.00 on just the Sat Tuner alone. 
BRS sat antenna
Improve your Sat Reception, mirror mount w/21' coax  COST $89.99
Mounts on the mirror bar

MobileSpec Universal Satellite Radio Antenna with 21' Cable and Mirror Mount

Universal Design Works with All Satellite Radio Services
Stainless Steel Mirror Mount
21' Military Specification
RF-58U Cable with Gold Plated Connectors
Hermetically Sealed Antenna Frequency: 2320.0 to 2345.0MHz
Satellite Gain: 5dBic Typical / Terrestrial Gain: -1dBic Typical
Noise Figure: 1.0dB Max Current Consumption: 45mA Typical/55mA Maximum
Supply Voltage: 4.7-Volts Typical
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 220°F
Limited One-Year Warranty
Replacement Satellite Cable XM or Sirius
Best grade available for the replacing of the broken cable for your Pana Pacific SR3653 & SR3652 antennas or Wilson Brand Trucker Satellite Antenna. Better than factory on the Pana Pacific Version. Gold Plated ends and Military Spec Cable. 21 foot length RG 58U Type.
Replaces coax on SR5000, XM5000,
SR3652,SR3653 & Mobile Spec
COST $22.99
If your truck has a factory satellite antenna in place, you can use this adaptor to connect to the Jensen Satellite Tuner.  Examine the factory antenna end connector and you should notice a green connector on the antenna coax end.  That connector plugs into the factory radio but now it would plug into this adaptor.
COST $21.99
Sat Tuner BRS
XM and Sirius have merged and you still will need a good antenna to receive a signal.  Look on further for the best in satellite antennas from Mobile Spec.  Designed for the semi truck or any commercial application from the ground up. Mirror mounting insures a clear signal without loss.  Larger coax, gold plated ends are just 2 of the attributes with your Mobile Spec Satellite Antenna.  Select yours from Big Rig Stereo for your new semi truck satellite radio to insure your new semi truck radio has the chance to show you just how good it can be.
ADD A Satellite Tuner   COST $99.00
Includes a small Magnetic Mount Antenna
Works with all our radios that are SAT READY Radios
Plugs into the special plug on the back of a Sat Ready stereo.  A Sat Ready radio has the ability to run a Satellite tuner.  This allows function from a stereo the same as if it was done the old way as built-in.  This practice of build-in only occurs on factory OEM radios like Delphi.  Our experience with this style with a build-in tuner causes a extra amount of heat internal.  Extra heat will lead to early problems with the radios components.

Want to save money on or radio and Satellite tuner...  Check our Combo Radios
Pick from 20 different radio for your semi truck
As stated above if you are adding a Double Din radio to your modified semi truck you will need a way to secure it to the dash.  There is no truck specific kit made for this.  You can use a DD sleeve to secure it to the dash even though you DD radio did not come with one.  BRS has a universal kit that should fit any double din radio. 
Semi Truck Radio Kit
COST $44.99
COST $19.99
Have a Jensen Heavy Duty Radio like the JHD36A or the JCV1640BT you will need this mike to have the Bluetooth features on your radio.  Without this mike plugged into the back port you will not be able to even access the Bluetooth feature.  NOTE,  will work on older Jensen models that require a separate mike
Adding a new radio to your SmartNAV system.  You will need this antenna adaptor to connect to your radio AM/FM antenna connector.  This will allow you to keep the trucks factory antenna.
COST $14.99