Semi Truck Radio / Semi Truck Speakers / 18 Wheeler Radio Wiring Harness for Freightliner Stereo, Peterbilt Stereo, Kenworth Stereo, International Stereo, Volvo Stereo an more...Free Semi Truck Wiring Harness
24 Plug & Play Radios for sale on this site wired for your semi.
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  Choose from 24 PLUG & Play radios for your semi truck  Select a truck radio and plug it directly into the trucks radio harness.  Its just that easy. Much safer and saves time and money. Tell us what you drive, and we provide the correct semi truck radio harness for FREEEEE on select CSS, Jensen Heavy Duty and REI, Pioneer, JVC and Kenwood radios. If you have your own radio, you can buy a Peterbilt radio harness a Freightliner radio harness a International radio harness, Volvo radio harness, a Kenworth radio harness for 25.00 each or purchase one of our wired radios and the truck radio harness is included.  This will allow you to install your own radio without cutting the factory truck radio harness. We want to make the install as simple as possible we have included a set of removal keys for your old radio.  Now that's customer service!
24 radios to choose from
  If you are a returning customer to our site you will notice a major overhaul.  We have republished the site making it more mobile friendly by updating the structure.  The coolest change is the way you view all the radios and speakers and harnesses.  They are working on a carousel that will make it easy to thumb thru the largest semi truck radio selection out there.  This style will allow you to scan thru the radios and harnesses with ease.  We have shortened the radio details by using the radios owners manual as a way to view all the details.  Some things have not changed.  We still need your truck info,  brand of the truck,  the model of the truck and the year of the truck.  Your radio will come with a FREE pigtail to plug into your truck.  The correct info insures you can plug it in.  A working mobile phone number is good if we need to text info like a pic about the harness.  A TEXTME number is also available to send pics if you are having problem identifying your harness, 3365289198.
  We have added a new product to the site with a PLUS version of our popular semi truck radio harness line.  Now you can purchase a version with a set of radio removal keys and save money as a combo.  Now when you start your install you want have to search for the radio keys before you can do your install.  When you shop for a truck radio harness on the site pay attention to this option choose a PLUS version for the keys
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  Big Rig Stereo carries a huge diverse line of big rig Stereos, Satellite Radios, Semi Truck speakers and wiring harness for these makes of Semi Trucks, 18 wheelers, Commercial Vehicles.  Freightliner Stereo, Peterbilt Stereo, Mack Truck Stereo, International Stereo, Western Star and Kenworth Stereo, Volvo/White GMC and Ford-Sterling Stereos.  Enough bragging, lets pick a radio for your truck.  Begin your search with your truck brand or browse the radio selection and add your truck info to make sure it is wired correctly.
New PLUS Series
     Be sure to visit our Question & Answer Blog.  Here you will find questions from fellow drivers about our products.  Get your application questions answered.  Having a problem finding your truck harness?  Not sure a specific radio will fit?  Ask us a question and we will respond within 24 hours.  Read what your fellow truckers are installing in a truck like yours.