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Looking for a 20 pin plug that plug into the back of a Panasonic radio. That gives the radio power.
July 10th, 2020
Radio models change yearly as well as harness connectors.   Not only are the actual shape of the harness changed but also the pinouts are switched.  The only way to get the OEM harness for the radio is to know the model.  Panasonic radio can be IDed by the model.  Usually starts with CQ.  Give me the model number and I will see if it is   Read more...
I drive a ISUZU NPR box style truck and need to change the radio. Do you have a harness that I can wire to my new radio and just plug it in?
July 5th, 2020
We have just added a new Isuzu harness that fits the ISUZU NPR HD.  This will make it a Plug & Play harness once you wire it to the new radios pigtail.  Look for it on the ISUZU Carsouel.  Sold as BT-000NPR HD for   Read more...
I have a 2006 Freight liner Columbia what i am looking for is a radio that can connect to blue tooth headphones so i can listen to radio while driving and my team partner sleeps want it to hook up to my phone
May 26th, 2020
What you are asking for is not common for most radios.  Not sure why except that it is not legal especially in a commercial vehicle to use a headset with 2 ear cups.  This pratice is not safe.  You cannot hear emercency vehicles.  
Most all bluetooth stereos will stream your phones' media to the radio and thru the speakers and not to a headset.  Thats the benefit of Bluetooth connection that you can make a hands free connection and answer the phone.  The sound is designed to still designed to play thru speakers

So to solve your problem would be to not use a stereo at all.  Stream your music by way of the smart phone to ear buds or a headset.  Listen to Pandoria or Iheart or any service that lets your phone stream a more radio station like content.  

Note we do have a surface mount radio that is designed to operate without or with speakers and go directly to a bluetooth headset.  It is sold on one of our sister   Read more...
My 2013 peterbilt 386 smartnav Radio is jamming the company gps I unplugged the fuse and now my gps is workin but now I have no stero I don’t know what to do ?
May 15th, 2020
WOW.  Thats a new one.  I know a lot of truckers have had problems with the factory nav system.  Replacing it with another OEM unit is not the olny option.  We sell a lot of the SmartNav harness so they can use a standard Din radio back in place of the factory PACCAR version.  You will loose your monitor function.  With the amount of issues Kenworth and Pete drivers are having mabe this a a warning to get rid of the

What size Speakers are in the front door and back cab on a 2016 Cascadia Evolution and what Wire Harness do i need for a After Market Stero Leenwood DDX6906s ...? Thanks for your time on this
April 23rd, 2020
Our info points to 51/4 and 6X9 were used.  You might want to pull to make sure ours was same.  The BT ISO DIN would be the   Read more...