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I'm doing a radio install on a 2019 peterbilt 567 heritage. Where can I get a radio to speaker wire diagram and schematics. I need to know what wires go where
April 19th, 2020
You have 2 choices or actually three.  1st choice is to contact your local service dept for your brand and ask them for a wiring schematic.  2nd is to get a few test tools and go at it your self.  It can be done with simple tools and a common sense approach.  3rd and easiest way is to buy the mating harness for your truck and use it to wire the new radios pigtail to it.  All you have to do then is plug it in.  Easy right?
BT ISO  
I am doing a radio install on a 1998 GMC C6500 and am wondering if there is a harness available that fits it. It has 2 connectors, one is 4 pins in a row, the other is 9 in a row.
April 9th, 2020
There probably is.  Send me a pic of the one we are trying to mate to to my text number.  336 528 9198.  I will see if I can find one.  Be sure to text info about the harness as you did here so I can respond   Read more...
2019 frieghtliner cascadia 2 unknow wires yellow and dull green. Also on board computer wont turn on without factory radio plugged in
March 31st, 2020
The best advice I can give you is it sounds like you have a CAN-BUS truck where the radio is connected to the onboard computer.  You can find this out by asking your truck service dept it yours is.Leave additional wires alone.  Your aftermarket raio can't take advantage of accessory wires only supported by the factory   Read more...
I have a 09 international durastar 4300 and i need to know what type of harness it is so i can connect a radio i will purchase from you
March 29th, 2020
All radios you buy from us will come with the correct harness.  We do this by allowing you to tell us the MAKE, MODEL & YEAR of your truck with the TEXT BOX beside the ADD TO CART button with each radio.  The information is sent to us and your radio is wired for your truck.  The price includes the harness.  You also get a set of removal keys for your purchase.  Your truck will use the BT ISO DIN harness.  2nd on the International   Read more...
What’s the best recommended upgrade for a 2009 Coronado freight liner radio that has all the latest touch screen Apple play etc
March 21st, 2020
If you have the ability to install a Double Din radio in your truck I have a killer one from JVC.  You will need a opening approx. 7in wide and 4 ins wide.  Its the KW V85BT.  Has all the android and apple apps.  It is the last radio on our radio carsouel,   Read more...