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I have a 2006 International 4500 and there is no sound coming the speakers. Speakers are good, when hooked directly to the stereo, they sound fine. Is there an amp or a fuse that could be blown?
January 16th, 2020
You don't say whether you are using the factory radio or have replaced it with a   Read more...
I have a BT-00257 harness and lost the wire color diagram can you send it to me.
January 15th, 2020
The wire colors are standard for all harness plugs, red ing, black ground, yellow battery.  Color will match to the pigtail of the new radios pigtail you are attaching it   Read more...
I have a 2019 peterbilt 389 with the smartnav and want to replace the head unit with an aftermarket radio, do you carry a harness?
January 8th, 2020
We have a Smart Nav harness which when used will give you power and speaker connection for a aftermarket radio.  You will loose screen function when OEM radio is removed.  Also customers find they need this antenna adaptor which we have as a combo buy.  Find both here, 3rd on the harness

Have a 579 Peterbuilt it has the navigation blue tooth stereo and it got bad screen do you have anything to replace it with it also has sirn radio
December 20th, 2019
Sounds like you have a Smart Nav System.  More info here.  Look at the harness carousel at 3rd image.  For the most part you will loose the   Read more...
How many inline breaks from headunit to rear speakers in 2006 T600 besides the one right under driver side of sleeper.
December 20th, 2019
Not sure, and curious why you need to