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I bought the cq-rx470u it says it is xm ready my attenna will not plug in why and what am i missing last panasonic had xm and worded this is an upgrade but won't plug in help have spent $93.00 so far and sirs STILL has not sent me right stuff
February 14th, 2014
The Panasonic CQ RX470U is a XM ready type of stereo.  When a radio states it is XM READY this means it has the ability to run a Satellite tuner which is sold as a seperate piece of equipment.  The Satellite antenna plug is on the seperate tuner.  The Panasonic takes the newer style tuner SIRIUS/XM shown here as the SXV200V1.  This tuner will give you the best of Sirius and the best of XM. We sell it in a combo package on this page as well including the truck harness   Read more...
We have a MY2004 Western Star 4800FX Constellation. The plugs you have listed for Western Star dont seem to match the one on our OEM harness. Is there som eWestern Star models you dont cater for?
February 8th, 2014
A lot of the models crossover when it comes to the radio harness. The year of the truck is more important that the model of a brand  If you don't see your model listed you need to pull the radio out to examine the connector. Send the pic to us and we might be able to ID it.  Also the harness you might be looking at is what we call a jumper harness,
 Jumper harness
 Here is an example.  The plug in the hand is the one that plugs into a specific brand radio.  The harness we want to mate to is the 2 shown closer to the dash..

 Email your pics to:

I just bought a 2014 Volvo 780. The stock radio has Bluetooth and also has steering wheel controls. Is there a way to use this radio to add the ability to run amps. If not. I do have a ken wood head unit that i had in my old rig and was running 3 amp
February 6th, 2014
You can add an amp to any radio with the use of a preamp adaptor.  This device hooks to (in your case) to rear left and right speakers outputs to reduce the output to a preamp level which is the correct input source for an amp.  The you can connect RCAs to RCAs. The adaptor can be bought at most stereo shops like Best Buy.  Ask for a Preamp   Read more...
I have a Delphi Sirius Satellite Radio with Bluetooth Item Number: 198076 in my truck. I want to use the rear aux ionput to hardwire my already activated and preferred XM radio and dock cradle. I pulled the radio oiut and there are 2 harnesses conn
February 5th, 2014
Don't believe the rear AUX input will work with the XM you have.  The cradle style Sat radio uses a 3.5or 2.5mm jack to connect to AUX in on aftermarket stereos.  You can send me a pic of the rear of the Delphi and I might have better input for...   Read more...
I checked the yellow wire and it has power at the radio, so i need to get a RA# to send back for warranty repair. How do i do that?
February 5th, 2014
Return the radio to us with a copy of the invoice.
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