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I need a harness for a 2013 peterbilt 389. OEM was a delphi concert class with sirius sat radio.
April 12th, 2014
2013 uses the BT ISO DIN harness.  Be sure to hook up the blue trigger wire to turn on the factory amp if it   Read more...
I bought the KD R330 Prewired 2004 International (BT00128) and am having a difficult time plugging this into my existing Radio plus on my 2004 internaional 4300, it has the small 8 pin white plug, for the old radio but there is no way the new radi
April 9th, 2014
That year International can sometimes have more than one possible harness.  In you case you might try looking farther down the factory
harness to see if it is plugged into the mate we have on your radio,  as the pic shows.

This might not be the case as stated there could be more than one harness that might fit this year.  If you need farther help, give us a
I have a 2012 mack granite. The wiring harness for the am/fm has a 1938 datalink com line in it. I want to put a pioneer x5600dh deck in. Will the adapter y'all have work and will this make The electrical fault light come on?
March 31st, 2014
If you are sure that your truck has this data link connector, this means that the radio is controlled by the computer.  It feeds the ignition power to the radio to turn it on.  Aftermarket radios will tell the computer that it needs more power to tun on and usually flag the computer, showing an error in the computer.  The work around would be to feed your new radio with its own source of ignition power and not the one the computer is doing.  Be sure to fuse the new ignition power feed. The only wire you have to deal with is the ignition wire.  The rest of the wires in the harness should be okay.  Be sure to cap the wire coming from the computer to the radio if you tap at the   Read more...
Do you have a physical store?
March 29th, 2014
Yes.  Open on a limited  
March 29th, 2014
New for BRS is the Twitter Icon that appears upper right on most pages.  If you are having trouble contacting us you can use this to speak by text.  Limited to 140 characters you need to be short on your question.  Follow us on Twitter for updates related to the site and special promotions we plan to announce in the future.  We also have included a Timeline on this page to make it easy to contact us. Thanks for   Read more...
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