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can the stereo in a 2014 peterbilt be replaced with aftermart stereo
August 16th, 2017
Since you asking a easy question I will assume there is some reason you have doubts.  So you must be talking about a SMART NAV system.  The answer is yes but you loose the screen and all the ifon that shows on it.  Left in place tocover the hole if removed you can replace the PACCAR radio with a normal DIN size radio.  We have a harness for this unique radio system.  We call it the SMARTNAV Harness. 
If this is not your application tyhen the answer again is   Read more...
Wiring harness for 1998 9400 to put a after market stero
August 10th, 2017
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just bought a frieghtliner from schnieder w/your css-i6600e radio is it posible to get the owners manual?
August 5th, 2017
Sorry do not have anything on that radio. Here is the number for the manufacture..   Read more...
2012 peterbilt 367 what needed to install a aftetmarket radio? Aka an afapter harnes
August 2nd, 2017
The only needed part is the harness.  BT ISO   Read more...
I have to replace a 16 plug. Mine is a panasonic model cq-5300u. Just want to make sure I order the right one
August 2nd, 2017
Use either the BT PAN CAS or BT PAN CD reflecting your version.  If only a AF/FM use the BT PAN   Read more...