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Do you carry wire harness for after market speakers being installed in a 2014 FreightShaker, i rather not have to hard wire them in. I know they do have them for autos
January 14th, 2018
Do not have that adaptor.  Our Pioneer speakers come with short hardwire pigtails that can be easy wired to the origional wire.  I know this migh be a issue for some but that is the way it is.  A word on the poliarty +,-.   Is always nice to know which one is positive but if this is not easy to find just keep the hookup the same ofr the pair.  Meaning hold the connect in you hand and use the wire on the right side for the positive on both the left and right side wires.

If you are replacing your truck speakers with new aftermarket ones, the factory termails are not going to be of use any more unless you are wanting to put them back and remove the new ones.  So cutting them off is no big deal.  If you are not allowed to cut, try using quick splice wire connectors that do not require wire
We would like a radio that we can plug in headphones or Bluetooth, so the old that is sleeping wouldn't be this possible?
January 11th, 2018
Have been asked this several times before.  The wired headphone plug in on a radio is not available on any DIN size radio that I know.  Now the last few years there have been a lot of interest in STREAMING so why not do it with Bluetooth.  You will have to look for a unit that does not just connect to your smart phone.  This style of connection allows you to first connect a call and then you here it in your headphones.  Streaming is usually related to your Smartphone wireless sending music to your radio.

So to answer your question I don't know of a radio that will allow you to pair a radio to it using wireless just for
I have a 94 Western Star 4964 model what harness do I need for a plug and play system
January 2nd, 2018
Oldie but goldie.  This application would be worth a lookie behind the radio to just make sure.  My information says BT 00256    Read more...
Hi I have a 2009 Freightliner Cascadia and I want to replace the radio what wiring harness and antenna adapter do I need to install a new radio?
January 1st, 2018
2009 Freightliner will use the BT ISO DIN harness.  No antenna adaptor   Read more...
How do I change the time on the clock?
December 28th, 2017
Not sure this is your radio but we seem to have a lot of people asking how to set the clock on CSS radios.  So I have decided to post this answer for your question.  The instructions address several models of CSS Radios

1.  Turn radio on
2. Press and hold th T/.F button until the time (Hour) display begins to flash
3.  Turn Volume counterclockwise to increase hours and clockwise to turn down the hours.
4. Press and hold down the T/F button once again to set the minutes, same as hours
5.  5 seconds after the adjustment is made the time will be