Radio Engineering Industries, Inc.
At Radio Engineering Industries, Inc., quality, service, and value are the standards by which we design and manufacture our full line of special radios and accessories. Our products are thoroughly tested for vibration and temperature extremes, dust, moisture, and other elements that exist in your environment

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, REI is an ISO 9001 certified company.
Heavy vibration is the killer for your consumer after market radio equipment.  REI has field tested its equipment to withstand this industry attribute.  Build from the ground up to give you years of service.  You want be disappointed with REI products.
A leader in CB and Satellite Antennas
For The Trucking Industry
Since that start, Wilson has made great advances in changing the way all CB mobile antennas are designed and built. Wilson has become the standard name for performance in mobile antennas. The Wilson line of products has expanded to include antennas designed specifically for the 18 wheel drivers ( the Trucker Series and the FGT-Silver Load Series ), which have become the most recognized name on the road. They are now the most requested line of trucker antennas available. With innovative products, Wilson has become the leader in CB mobile antennas. Wilson continues to offer the highest performances available for your operating enjoyment.

On August 6th, 1999, Barjan Products, LLC, purchased Wilson Antenna. Why would Barjan want to buy Wilson Antenna? The nation's largest truck stop distributor wanted the world's best performing antenna. Why would Wilson Antenna sell to Barjan? This was a way to expand their presence in the truck stop areas while being assured the name and quality would continue on after the sale.

Barjan Products, LLC is a privately held limited partnership. The company is a national distributor of automotive, electronics and novelty products to travel centers (truck stops) and truck fleets, truck dealers, CB retailers, retail automotive chains, convenience stores, mass merchandisers, grocery stores, electronic distributors, local merchants and jobbers. The Barjan product line has become recognized at truck stops all over the country, including Canada. They continue to grow and add new products that serve the driver with quality items. Barjan has become the country's largest distributor and supplier of products to the truck stops. The acquisition of Wilson Antenna by Barjan will enable them to bring the best CB antennas available to the drivers quicker and with a wider spread of availability.

Barjan Products, LLC was founded in 1962 in Orion, Illinois. From their humble beginning in the back of a garage, they supplied gift items to truck stops. In the past 42 years, the company has changed locations 3 times and expanded its present location 4 times. In 1995 the company was reorganized into its current form as a limited partnership. With headquarters in East Moline, Illinois, Barjan also has a distribution facilitie in Reno, Nevada.

The manufacturing facilities of Wilson Antenna moved to East Moline, Illinois in December of 1999, and in 2003 to new facilities in Rock Island (in the Davenport-Moline metro area). All Wilson antennas are now manufactured from this new location with quality still maintained as the primary focal point in the manufacturing process. The attention to details in the Wilson line continues to bring you the type of products that you have come to expect from the name "Wilson".

Only Jensen brand electronics are specifically engineered to operate smoothly even under the harshest conditions
Only Jensen brand electronics are developed to stand up against extreme hot/cold temperatures, condensation and humidity. 
Only Jensen brand electronics are vibration tested to deliver a high quality picture even when traveling over the roughest road conditions

Shouldn't your mobile electronics be engineered to handle the tough stuff? Jensen Audio can and does.

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Custom Radio Corporation

Since 1974, Custom Radio has been serving the Heavy-Duty Truck and Bus Industry with a wide range of Product and Services.
We have taken great pride in building a reputation that exceeds our customerís expectations in reliability, service, design and on-time delivery, establishing Custom Radio Corporation among the leaders in the industry.
Our product is designed, built, and offers special features required in the Heavy-Duty Truck and Bus Market.