Old Is Now New To The Semi Truck Radio Market.
With the departure of some big names in to Heavy Duty Radio Manufacturing, now is the time to look at a Brand that is about to jump to the front with its 2009 line of Bus and Semi Truck Radios.

CSS, which stands for Custom Service Stereo would like to introduce its latest model to the Heavy Duty Radio Market.  "The CSS 6520 is the most advanced Semi Truck Radio to hit this market in years", says James, the owner of Big Rig Stereo.  "All the other manufactures will scramble to catch up with this latest model from CSS". 

This radio shares some of the similarities of other radios on the market like a AM/FM/WB Tuner, a CD Player with electronic skip, an a large easy to read wide angle display and larger control knobs. 

Not so common features are 3.5mm front input so you can connect your Satellite Radio's audio output directly into the stereos preamp.  This allows for a better control of sound plus a superior sound over modulated Satellite Radio.  Don't own a Satellite Radio, then plug your iPod or MP3 player into the same front mount plug. 

Better yet for the owner of iPods with USB outputs just plug directly into the front mount port for total control and charging potential.  This USB cable is the same one you now use to hook your iPod to your computer to down load music.

Would you like 8 hours of continuous listening to your own music.  The 6520 sports its own built in Flash Memory.  Download 512 MB of MP'3 files for 8 hours of continuous music or 16 hours of WMA audio files for 16 hours of uninterrupted music without commercials.  Create your own play list or download books on tape.  need more?

Do you slipseat?  What happens when you disconnect your trucker box.  You loose all your settings.  Not with the CSS6520. A build-in nicad will retain all your Tuner and Audio Presets for 30 days.

Does your Semi have a sleeper?  Not only will this radio rock you to sleep but it has a built in Alarm Clock to wake you up.  Now how cool is that. 

A cut above the rest, the bench mark for others to follow, the CSS6520 fulfills every trucker wish list in a stereo.  Custom Service Stereo, a old manufacture with its sites on the New Breed of Truckers. "No longer are you held hostage with your truck dealer with his high prices.  Now you have a choice for a quality line of products for your trade."  NOTE: All stereos sold on Big Rig Stereo includes a FREE Harness Plug for your Semi Truck.

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January 2014

Big Rig Stereo has added another radio brand to its line of SPS radios.  We have selected specific models from Pioneer, JVC, and Kenwood offered as a prewired series of truck radios.  Take advantage of our FREE harness with purchase and you can have the latest stereo in your semi truck

Another change you might have noticed, is the MOBILE VERSION we added to the site.  Clicking on this link will take you to a mobile style site, easier to navigate where you can purchase our exclusive semi truck harnesses.  Fast loading and easy to purchase makes this the ideal site if you are using your phone on the road.  There we sell only the harnesses.  If you need to view the other products we sell, use to main site.

Big Rig Stereo is always looking for a way to offer you better customer service.  New for 2014 we have added a Question an Answer link to most of your pages.  This allows you to ask a question on the fly anytime you are on our site.      The answer will be posted on the blog for everyone to see in hopes your question helps others as well.  On the blog we will also make announcements and updates about BIG RIG STEREO.
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March 2016

As you have noticed we have redone the Big Rig Stereo site for 2016.  We usually do this every few years changing and adding new features to the site.  The overall web site has now expanded to 1366 wide for all of you that have newer expanded computer screens.  This new size fits the screen better and makes use of all that landscape.  Another change is the mobile site improvements.  The size has now dropped to 320 wide to work on all cell phones.  You will notice a red colored rectangular box that has a clickable link to that pages mobile version, if available.  Clicking on this will take you to that pages mobile version of same page. The switch from one size to the other is not automatic but your choice like some sites do.  Here we give you the choice.  Most all web sites are viewable on a mobile small screen device if you want to scroll, zoom in and out.
We have added semi truck radios to the mobile sites ability.  Now you can buy from your cell phone the radio of your choice as well.  An we do like to mention that the mobile sites are a trimmed version of the main web site. 

Lets not forget to mention one of the coolest radios that has been added to the site.  Jensens" new JCV2015BT is the flagship model of trucker designed radios.  It was designed to work on the Can Bus trucks.  Not all trucks are Can Bus, but if yours is you will appreciate the Jensen JCV2015BT for sure.  Check out the video below for additional info.
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