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January 15th, 2014
In the next few weeks we will be adding another line of available SPS stereos to our trucker radios.  The new line is Pioneer.  We have selected 4 models, DEH-150MP for 139.99, DEH-X2600UI at 164.99, the DEH-X3600S at 189.00 and the DEH-X6600BS with built-in Bluetooth.  The new Pioneer models will be available on site in a few weeks. Just like the other trucker radios we sell they will include free your specific mating harness for your
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On the Freightliner harnesses you show that the BT ISO DIN harness works 2004 to present. Does this mean that it will work on my 2014 freightliner
January 10th, 2014
Yes when we say to present that would include up to the newest or current model.  In your case the 2014 is
New Year
January 5th, 2014
     2013 was a great year for BIG RIG STEREO. The Jensen line of Heavy Duty models has proven to be a winner for us and the customers that bought one.  The new JHD3630BTB is the most advanced model offered with the built in Bluetooth. Even though sold as a option, Big Rig Stereo includes it with the purchase of this radio.  For those looking for a killer radio, be sure to look at this model.  

     We have added a Mobile site version in December for our customers that want to shop with their cell phone or tablet.  You will find a link on the index page for the Mobile Site Version.  We have posted a link here as well.

        We will be adding several new products thru-ought the coming year.  Bookmark the site and   check by often to take advantage of the latest products we have to offer.  We have heard from many of you on   Read more...
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